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60 Minute Treatment

This is for those of you who aren’t sure what treatment would best suit your skins needs. I will customize a treatment just for you!

Starting at $95 | 60 minutes


Quench Hydrating Facial

This treatment is perfect for desert dwellers in need of dry skin relief!  The star of this treatment is the infusion of Le Mieux's serum-saturated Collagen mask and ultrasonic vibration combined with thermal heat therapy to deliver powerful Peptides, Antioxidants, Botanical Extracts and Vitamin-C to hydrate, soothe, brighten and firm dry, tired skin.  Your skin will thank you for it!
Skin Types: Dehydrated, Dry, Sensitive

$95 | 50 Minutes

The Gentleman’s Smoked Bourbon Facial

Have you ever been out with your partner and wondered if they are gazing at you or the blackheads on your nose?  Then this treatment was designed just for you. The health benefits of this French Oak Smoked Bourbon treatment boosts your antioxidant levels to new heights! The cumulative effect of its antioxidant power helps reduce the effects of aging. French Oak treats both surface skin as well as hair follicles on men’s beards. The Black Pepper Detox Mask has a warm, spicy and relaxing aroma that increases blood circulation which helps detoxify and brighten the skin while also addressing pesky breakouts and all this happens while you enjoy a 50-minute nap! Enjoy Responsibly. Enjoy Monthly.

$89 | 50-minutes

Skin Soother (Rosacea)

Take the red out! This facial is designed to comfort & nourish the most delicate skin while calming inflammation leaving your skin radiantly healthy.
Skin Types:  Mild to Moderate Rosacea

$95 | 50 minutes


Clarifying Facial

This treatment utilizes skin detoxifying, pore cleansing ingredients to clarify & purify skin while aiding in the absorption of excess oil & impurities. The appearance of pore size is dramatically reduced & skin is left clean & healthy.

Skin Types: Acneic, Congested

$95 | 50 minutes

Acne Facial

This treatment is similar to the Clarifying Facial but includes a 'Blue Light' Mask which penetrates the skin to kill bacteria that causes acne breakouts and inflammation. It also shrinks oil producing glands which reduces acne by decreasing the oil that bacteria thrives in.

Skin Types: Acneic, Congested

$105 (6-Week Repeat $94.50) | 60-minutes

Express Facial (perfect for Tweens & Teens!)

Don’t have time for a facial but in desperate need of extractions? Then this treatment was designed just for you! Includes deep cleansing and exfoliation to soften skin and congestion trapped in pores followed by extractions. Don’t forget to add-on a Brow, Lip or Chin wax to make this treatment complete! BTW..this is a great starter treatment for Teens!

$55 | 25-minutes